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How to eliminate hazardous chemicals from consumer articles

Wednesday, 5 October 2011 (9.00 am - 5.00 pm) 


The current European regulatory framework for consumer products does not ensure a sufficient level of protection against exposure to dangerous chemicals. Relevant provisions in EU legislation are patchy or missing . Moreover, there is no community approach to address chemicals in products in a systematic manner. A horizontal approach including a new legislative framework may be needed. The conference intends to initiate a debate on this subject.


During the conference, different experiences and approaches on main consumers’ concerns on the use of  hazardous chemicals in articles will be presented. The debate will further address the gaps present in the current European regulatory framework related to chemicals in consumer products. It will finally discuss possible ways forward to ensure  a high level of consumer and environmental protection against exposure to dangerous chemicals.

High-level speakers will look into relevant pieces of legislation including the REACH Regulation, the RoHS Directive, the Toy Safety Directive, the Construction Products Regulation and the General Product Safety Directive.

Read more in the official programme of the event.


ANEC, ASI-CC and BEUC welcome the great success of the conference, which saw wide attendance and active contribution of delegates. The event has reached the expected aim to pave the way for a constructive and ambitious debate among legislators and stakeholders on the need to address gaps in the existing legislation on chemicals in consumer products.


Chemicals in consumer products: The need for an enhanced European legislative framework

Benedicte Federspiel, ANEC, BEUC and EESC member: “Introductory speech

Franz Fiala, ANEC and ASI-CC : “The need for a new framework for chemical requirements for products” (keynote speech)

Julien de Cruz, DG Environment, European Commission: “Chemicals in articles and the REACH Regulation

Jürgen Vogelgesang, DG Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission: “Chemicals in articles and the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD)

Bärbel Vieth, German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment: “Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC

Manfred Fuchs, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission: “Construction Products (Regulation) targets and instruments

Stéphanie Zangl, Öko-Institut: “The RoHS Directive—State of play

Chemicals in Products - Experiences and Approaches

Jan Hammar, the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI): “Chemicals in articles - Possible ways forward

Shima Dobel, Danish Environmental Protection Agency: “Chemicals in products - Experiences and approaches from the Danish EPA

Sylvia Maurer, BEUC: “How to eliminate chemicals in consumer products?”

Łukasz Woźniacki, EEB/BEUC: “Ecolabel approach

Katarina Maaskant, IKEA Belgium: “Chemicals in products - Experiences and Approaches

Monique Goyens, on behalf of ANEC/ASI-CC/BEUC: “Conclusions


ANEC is the European consumer voice in standardisation. It was set up in 1995 as an international non-profit association under Belgian law. ANEC represents consumer organisations from the 27 EU Member States and 3 EFTA countries and Croatia and deals with consumer interests in the creation of technical standards, especially those developed to support the implementation of European laws and public policies.


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BEUC is the European Consumers’ Organisation. It has a membership of 42 well respected, independent national consumer organisations from 31 European countries (EU, EEA and applicant countries). BEUC acts as the umbrella group in Brussels for these organisations and their main task is to represent their members and defend the interests of all Europe’s consumers.


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