The ANEC Secretariat ensures the daily operation of the association, and co-ordinates the work and activities of the standing working groups in its areas of priority. It keeps in close contact with the European Institutions, the European and International Standardisation Organisations, peer consumer organisations and other relevant actors.


Stephen Russel

Stephen Russell


Finance & Administration

Nathalie Jooris

Nathalie Jooris (Kiu Account SPRL),

Senior Manager

Myriam Alguemi

Myriam Alguemi, 

Finance & Administration Assistant 

Horizontal & Policy

Stephen Russel

Stephen Russell, 


 Chiara Giovannini

Chiara Giovannini, 

Deputy Director-General 

Marijana Antarorova

Marijana Antarorova, 

Policy & Communications Officer 

Child Safety & Domestic Appliances                            

Tania Vandenberghe

Tania Vandenberghe,

Senior Programme Manager

Accessibility & Digital Society (including Innovation)

Chiara Giovannini

Chiara Giovannini

Senior Manager

Sustainability & Services 

Michela Vuerich

Michela Vuerich,

Programme Manager

Traffic & Mobility

 Clara picture

Clara Ouvrier,

Junior Programme Manager, Mobility & Resource Efficiency


Clara Ouvrier

Clara Ouvrier,

Junior Programme Manager, Mobility & Resource Efficiency

Mercator AI Project

Camille Dornier

Camille Dornier,

ANEC-BEUC Project Management Officer Artificial Intelligence and Standardization 


Timothy Findlay

Timothy Findlay,

ANEC-BEUC-ICRT Fundraising Manager 

Dedicated support team

Helena Clark

Helena Clark

Office Assistant  

Katarzyna Skrzypek-Bacq

Katarzyna Skrzypek-Bacq, 

Administrative Assistant