The ANEC Strategy sets the framework for all ANEC activities.

In June 2013, the General Assembly adopted the Strategy for 2014 to 2020 . It is intended to achieve the ANEC Vision 2020:

•    A sustainable Europe where the health, safety and well-being of consumers is paramount, where goods and services are accessible, fit for purpose and in compliance with legislation and standards;

•    A European Standardisation System in which the consumer interest is not only represented in standards work that will affect consumers but is influential, innovative and key in decision-making;

•    A Europe where consumer engagement is achieved at national and European level, with balance between consumer and business interests;

•    A balance between legislation and standardisation that ensures the highest levels of protection and welfare for all European consumers, regardless of age or ability.

The Strategy is supported by 10 strategic objectives, with their implementation to be achieved through annual action plans, adopted by the General Assembly and managed on its behalf by the Steering Committee as board of the association. The annual action plans  are themselves supported by annual work programmes that detail the tasks in both the political and technical sectors of ANEC activities.

Particular items of focus within the political and horizontal activities of ANEC are:

  • our contribution as an “Annex III Organisation” to the implementation of Regulation (EU) 1025/2012 (including the EC Committee on Standards; EC Annual Union Work Programme for European Standardisation; Joint initiative on Standardisation)
  • enhancing consumer participation in standardisation
  • the training of consumer experts and consumer representatives
  • participation in the governance of the European Standardisation Organisations
  • our contribution to the European consumer programme
  • strengthening the framework for market surveillance and enforcement
  • strengthening the framework for the safety of consumer products
  • communications, events and dissemination of information
  • collaboration with our sister organisations: BEUC, Consumers International, ICRT

News and recent success stories

Strengthening the framework for market surveillance

In April 2019, the EP plenary adopted the new Regulation on market surveillance and compliance. The text approved contains the following positive consumer point: Enhanced traceability in the supply chain, Increased capacities for product testing through future joint tests in EU designated laboratories, Better organisations and financing of market surveillance authorities, Intensified controls of the safety of products sold online, Facilitated reporting about accident and injury data at European level. However, no obligation for Member States to collect such data.

On 14 June 2019, the Economic and Financial Affairs Council approved the new Regulation on market surveillance and enforcement, confirming the deal reached with the EP. The new rules will apply two years from the date of entry into force. A number of provisions will however apply as of 1 January 2021. ANEC believes that the legislation will strengthen market surveillance and contribute to consumer safety.

Following the ANEC-BEUC letter to the EC (December 2018) on excessive limits of boron in slime toys, the EC decided to set up an additional coordinated market surveillance activity on slime toys (CASP Slime2019).