Monday, 3 March 2023, 10:30 AM CET (Brussels time), online

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming ANEC – ETUC Webinar on the “Future of social responsibility - how can standards help?”, taking place on 6 March at 10h30 (CET) via Microsoft Teams. Please register your participation via this Doodle poll before 1 March to receive a link to join.

Professor Malcolm Fisk, ANEC Representative and Project Team Chair on Social responsibility, will guide us through the development and conclusion of the CWA 17895:2022 ‘Future of Social Responsibility’ and the lessons learnt for ANEC. Ornella Cilona from ETUC, representing the trade unions perspective will also join our debate adding further updates on the legislative and international developments in ISO.

We look forward to having you join us!

Thursday, 19 January 2023, 10:00 CET (Brussels time), Zoom

On 19 January 2023, ANEC and EDF, together with the EDF member Ukrainian National Assembly of People with Disabilities will hold a webinar "Accessibility Standards for the Built Environment". The webinar will be interpreted into Ukrainian. In Part 1, Monika Klenovec, Architect, Access Consultant and Project Team Leader for EN 17210, member of CEN-CLC JTC 11 responsible for EN 17210 etc, will present the EN 17210 and its Technical Reports on the accessibility and usability of the built environment. In Part 2- Isabella Steffan, Architect and Ergonomist, member of the TCs responsible for EN 81-70 and EN 17210, will present the EN 81-70 on accessibility of lifts for persons with disabilities.

For more info in Ukrainian:

Thursday, 15 December 2022, 11:00 CET (Brussels time), Zoom

logos webinar

We would like to kindly invite you to the ANEC webinar ‘Standards and the AI Act: What impact can AI standards have and how to influence them?’, taking place on 15 December 2022, from 11h to 12h30 CET.

This webinar is organised by ANEC with the support of the European AI Fund.

AI is likely to profoundly affect our lives. Now is the time to learn about this technology, its future regulation and which role standards will play in it so that we are all better prepared to deal with it and increase our capacity building.

After hearing from ANEC AI expert Peter Eisenegger about the impact of AI on our lives, Laurens Hernalsteen, CEN-CENELEC Project Manager in charge of AI will present about the role of standards in the AI Act and update about the draft standardisation request on AI. Chiara Giovannini, ANEC Deputy Director General, will conclude with advice on how to influence the future AI standards.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange points of views in an interactive manner.

To register for the webinar (by 15 December), please follow the link:

We look forward to having you join us!

Tuesday, 8 November 2022, 15:30 CET (Brussels time), Zoom

samantha borges EeS69TTPQ18 unsplash

We are pleased to invite you to a new and very topical ANEC webinar, “Support all consumers through the cost-of-living crisis: ISO 22458, the global standard mutually benefitting companies and customers”.

This 1-hour webinar will cover,

  • the background to the ISO 22458:2022 standard
  • what is consumer vulnerability and why is it important for organisations to understand and address vulnerability, especially now, in the context of the cost-of-living crisis?
  • requirements and good practice guidelines for the design and delivery of inclusive service
  • interactive Q&A sessions.

The presenters will be Julie Hunter, Chair of the Consumer & Public Interest Network (CPIN) and ANEC’s Deputy Secretary-General, Chiara Giovannini.

Join us at 15.30hrs (CET Brussels time) on Tuesday, 8 November by clicking on the link:

Link to the webinar presentation slides:  

Wednesday, 14 September 2022, 14:00 – 15:30 CEST (Brussels time)

ANEC Accessibility Built Environment 14 Sept 2022 1400x788

Last year the European standards organisations CEN and CENELEC adopted the first European Standard on the accessibility and usability of the built environment (EN 17210:2021), after over almost 15 years of work. During this long process, ANEC and EDF supported by technical experts brought the perspectives of consumers and persons with disabilities and advocated for an ambitious standard that could improve the level of accessibility of the built environment in Europe.

This European standard includes functional requirements relevant to the design, construction, refurbishment or adaptation, and maintenance of built environments including outdoor pedestrian and urban areas. This standard is also supported by Technical Reports, and remains in line with an international standard (ISO 21542:2021) which was also adopted last year.

With the adoption of the European Accessibility Act, this standard will be revised to be ensure it fulfils the requirements of this European Directive. Therefore, disability and consumer organisations must get ready to keep engaging in technical discussions about the accessibility of the built environment.

Finally, and also connected to the built environment, another standard in which ANEC and EDF continue working is the EN 81-70 on the accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability.

Join us on this webinar to understand the basics of all these standards and how you can use them to advocate for accessibility of the built environment, and how you can get involved in these standardisation developments.


14:00 – Welcome and housekeeping rules – Alejandro Moledo, EDF Deputy Director & Head of Policy

14:05 – Setting the scene – Chiara Giovannini, ANEC Senior Manager Policy & Innovation Deputy, Secretary-General

14:15 – The EN 17210 and its Technical Reports on the accessibility and usability of the built environment – Monika Klenovec, Architect and access consultant, member of the Technical Committee responsible for EN 17210

14:35 – Q&A

14:40 – The EN 81-70 on accessibility of lifts for persons with disabilities – Isabella Steffan, Architect and Ergonomist, member of the Technical Committee responsible for EN 81-70 and EN 17210

15:00 – Q&A

15:10 – Standardisation request of the European Accessibility Act and how to get involved – Chiara Giovannini

15:15 – How can you make use of these standards? – Alejandro Moledo

15:20 – Q&A

15:30 – Closing

This event will provide International sign interpretation and real-time captioning in English.