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Only 10% of EU consumers regularly shop from internet retailers in other EU countries, compared with 63% from websites in their home countries, according to a new ANEC survey of more than 4.000 consumers in 22 EU countries. The study reveals that, despite European Commission policies to encourage e-commerce cross-border, consumers still face notable barriers to reaping the benefits of a digital single market.

The study ‘European cross-border online shopping - Learning from consumer experiences’ looks at the online shopping habits of EU consumers and identifies key problems met by those who buy from internet retailers in other EU countries.

Two-thirds of online shoppers surveyed have bought cross-border, with 15% finding a problem. Of these, 27% reported late deliveries and 22% said their orders never arrived. Respondents also reported problems when trying to place orders, such as unfair price differences, unclear or misleading information, and retailers refusing to sell or deliver to the address of the shopper.

An overview of the main findings can be found in the ANEC leaflet: Key Facts on Cross-border online shopping within the EU.